Newborn Nursing Diagnosis

What are the risks a newborn would face? It is no different even for a healthy infant as well. There are 4 different ways in which every newborn would face problems. This is due to the reason that their neurological system is not completely developed at the time of birth. The thermoregulation procedure carried out on any newborn is considered as a procedure for the adaptation of neurological system so as to extrauterine life. The newborns normally lose their body weight and it will be very rapid. This can be found with the help of newborn nursing diagnosis. Some of the four different ways include:

• Conduction in which their warm heat present in body would transfer to all cooler objects that can easily come in contact with the newborn directly.

• Evaporation due to the exposure of their wet skin surfaces would be lost at the surrounding atmosphere.

• Convection is the way in which the body heat of all infants would transfers to the cool air which is surrounded by them.

• Radiation is the way in which the body heat would be transferred from newborns to the objects around them which are cooler.

• High risk of impaired gas exchange related to decreased production of surfactant.

• Ineffective breathing pattern related to prematurity.

• Eating disorder related to insufficient sucking and swallowing reflexes.

• Potential risk of altered nutrition: less than body requirements, by raising the metabolic rate.

• Potential for fluid volume deficit, related to increased insensible water loss.

• Risk of disturbance in body temperature associated with immaturity.

• Risk of tissue damage by invasive procedures.

• Risk of infection related to immune system deficiency and invasive procedures.

Activity intolerance, poor oxygenation and related weakness.

• Altered family processes, associated with prolonged hospitalization and separation from family.

• Risk of impaired parenting by the separation of mother and child.

Hence a precise care plan has to be developed in-order to protect the newborn from any such 4 common problems. The biggest factor about the newborn care plan would be the assessment, the second would be the knowledge concerning the disease process. The precise care plan can be gather with the help of this diagnosis in a better manner. Here are some steps that can help in overcoming any risk factors with newborns

• assessment is to collect all possible medical records

• Determination of the problems obtained from the nursing diagnosis.

• Planning is to write the measurable results and goals along with nursing interventions

• evaluation would be to determine if the goals are met in precise manner

• implementation would to initiation of care plan


The care plan is considered to be nothing but collection of written document of this nursing diagnosis and using it to solve the problems.

There are plenty of people looking for ideal information concerning the newborn nursing diagnosis. Though, there are some information available its always recommended to go for the one. Let us find the most required information in prevention of newborn reflux.

Newborn reflux is considered to be a very common occurrence in recent times. As per the latest research findings, almost all infants would split up during some point of time. However, there are certain step by following which it can be reduced or even can be eliminated to just simple reflux. The newborn reflux can be recognized easily with newborn nursing care plan.

If the condition of your baby is getting complicated then its recommended to take the baby for instant medication right away. This is very important in order to save the health of your little baby. By prevention of some of the most common reasons for newborn reflux would not be complicated all the times. There are certain things which can be taken by concerned parent to reduce all possible risk and also can ensure that the diet of baby would be at the right where it has to be.

Try to follow the above mentioned factors very carefully to overcome any type of problems from newborn nursing diagnosis. Normally there are few primitive steps taken at the health care provider. It’s always wise to take the newborn right away to nearest and the best healthcare provider in case of any problems. The newborns are very fragile and hence they need to care which is the best and quick.