Alterations sensory / perceptual

Alterations sensory / perceptual (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, tactile, olfactory)

State in which an individual experiences a change in the amount or type of stimuli received, accompanied decrease towards exaggeration or disorder of the response to such stimuli.

Related factors:

– Environment therapeutically restricted (insulation, bed rest, traction, etc ….)

– Environment socially restricted (age, chronic illness, agony, institutionalization, etc ….)

– Reception, transmission and / or altered sensory integration (trauma, neurological disease, impaired sense organs, inability to communicate, learn, lack of sleep, pain, etc ….)

– Altered endogenous chemical (electrolyte imbalance, increased BUN, hypoxia, etc …) or exogenous (stimulants or depressants system. CNS).

– Psychological stress.


– Disoriented in time, space or people.

– Change the capabilities to solve a problem.

– Change in the pattern.


– Irritability, hallucinations, fear, depression, anger, poor concentration, auditory and visual distortions, and motor incoordination.

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