High Risk of Injury

High Risk of Injury

State in which the individual is at risk for injury as a result of environmental conditions that interact with the adaptive and defensive resources of the individual.

Risk factors:
– Dysfunction sensory integration or effector.
– Tissue hypoxia.
– Malnutrition.
– Autoimmune.
– Abnormal blood profile.
– Lesion on the skin.
– Mobility impaired.
– Related development.
– Factors such as persona

Nursing Diagnosis

Risk of injury: risk of injury from the interaction of environmental conditions with adaptive and defensive resources of the person.

To show the patient that the probe is properly positioned and secure.
Ask to see the patient can sleep with the assurance that the probe is not going to leave.

Show the patient that the probe does not get and compare him with the rest of catheterized patients to feel safe.
Teach relaxation techniques and self-control.


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