Ineffective Individual Coping

Adaptive behavior disorder and inability to solve problems.

Related factors:

– Situational crises of maturation.
– Vulnerability of the person.
– Multiple life changes.
– Lack of vacation.
– Relaxation inadequate.
– Exercise scarce.
Poor nutrition.
– Overload of work.
– Limits few realistic.
– Method of inadequate competition.


– Inability to meet basic human needs and solve problems.
– Destructive behavior toward himself.
– Changes in social participation.
– Inappropriate use of defense mechanisms.
– Handling verbal.
– Lack of appetite, sleep, etc …
– Excessive use of snuff, alcohol or drugs.
– Chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc …
– Hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, headaches, irritable bowel, muscle aches, etc …
– Low self-esteem and chronic depression.

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